Judging So I went judging at the Victorian pr…


So I went judging at the Victorian pro photography awards, I was an invited judge, so they reimbursed me for my airfare and accommodation. This is nice for what is ultimately a learning experience.

Judging is hard, especially when you think the images of the guy who ultimately wins it all are ok but not brilliant, and because you scored it the lowest, you have to explain why people should change their scored down.

I had to hand over the judging for a few friends prints to other judges, I thought I would be able to be subjective, but when it came down to it, I didn’t want to judge them.

I did learn a lot from judging and it will definitely be helping me in the future, also it will help my friends who email me photos, so I can now giver them a lot more feed back. Problem is trying to be critical with my own work.

I also learnt that having 12 people in your room at 1.30am is not a great thing. OK I did invite them and I did have wine (but no opener). There are going to be some photos floating about somewhere… I also lost my brown shirt (the next day you dirty minded people). My new brown stripy shirt with a great stiff collar. I must have left it in the room, and when I rang to enquire about it, it was not there. I hope it has a good life.

Oh well… we will see what happens at the Nationals.