Just got into Howards place in London, thought I d…

Just got into Howards place in London, thought I d blog a little before i do something londony, double decker bus? go down the pub for a pint? no idea what just yet.

Singapore where i blogged last, was spent wqritng that blog, trying to wrestle wit the free wireless and on msn chatting with V, she is the pretty girl mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, and already sms and email have started to trickle through.

So the second part of my flight from singapore to london involved…

the guy who sat next to me had migranes and food poising, both of which make for a great traveling partner! Luckily the cabin crew found him some seats next to each other so he could have them to himself and lye down for the flight. `i was very thankful they did.

I read a bit more of Cloud Atlas, a great book recommended to my by Benny at Fullers, the best bookshop in Hobart and possibly the world, I’ll finish that in the next day or 2, then onto wuthering heights!

I listened to some music, watched a bit more of the office, but thought if i watched anymore i’d explode… then i slept i had 2 saats to myself and being short has it’s advantades. `so some sleep was had, not sure how much, probably 6 hours? Which is great.

ok, time to wash.