Justin Herald

I had no idea who Justin Herald was until a couple of weeks ago, I was even standing next to him ordering a drink, no idea. About an hour after the bar I discovered he was speaking at the seminar V and I were attending, and that he is a bit of a business and motivational machine. From starting with his Attitude brand of clothing for $50 he borrowed from his brother, he turned it into a multi million dollar empire. And now he has a heap of books and uses his money to, amongst other things, build orphanages is Africa.

If you get a chance to see Justin speak, go see him. He is a fantastic presenter with a delivery style reminiscen of some of my favourite comedians, not the ones that go for the quick one liners, but the ones who tell a great story that make you think.

Yes, a shoe shot. Apparently this shot represents a third of Justin’s shoe wardrobe, the other two thirds being comprised of a pair of thongs and something a little more dressy.

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