I’ve bought a coupleof suits from Kent, infact i’ve bought all my suits from Kent! (so if you have seen me at a wedding, this man is resposible for my clothes)  He’s one of the men who work out of Neil Pitts in central Launceston and is probably one of the best customer service people i’ve met. Always cheerful, interested and just great to have a chat to. I draged him out for lunch the other day with the plan of shooting him for my portrait of the week. But we sat and ate our sandwiches together first and discussed a great deal of things and I learnt some things that I would probably have never known if we hadn’t had lunch. Kent is into his motorbikes and is working on a sidecar so him and his other half can ride from Tasmania up to Darwin next year, he;s sold bikes and as part of that actully handed Michael Doohan a trophy early on in his career. Plus has a grat story about when Bob Dylan and his minders dropped by the store he was working in to buy some jeans.

I guess Neil Pitts is really one of those old fahioned stores, and along with it comes fantastic people like Kent who have spent a life in retail, but unlike a kid who does it on the weekend for pocket money, they have lived and breathed it their whole lives and really knkow how to make you feal great even when you have left the shop.

If you are in Launceston, go to Niel Pitts and buy a tie or shirt from Kent, i’m sure he’s love to meet you!