Kids Will Be Kids! | Generational Family Portrait Bayside

The beach really is a great place for a family photo. Again, really special to have a heap of family together, especially when they have travelled from all over the place to be here. The beach can be a little bit of a problem if the temperature cracks the mid 30’s and everyone is there to dip at sunset to cool down… this was the little issue we had with this beautiful family.

It was HOT and EVERYONE was at the beach! Luckily as the sunsets and the really great light kicks in, most people start to run off home leaving us with a great place to shoot.
Of course… it was hot… and the kids were hot…. and they were at the beach…. so the inevitable happened. I’ll let you see the joy on their faces as they went full kids having fun mode. 

I loved chatting with grandma at this shoot too, shes from my old home town so a heap of comparing notes and trying to find mutual friends (It’s a Tasmanian thing)

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