Kurt and Jade | Wedding Photography

When I was growing up, my brother and I would go for holiays at my mum’s best friends place just out of Ulverstone. I really don’t have many memories apart from being at their house, which is great because now my Ulverstone memories are of Kurt and Jade’s awesome wedding.
From the complete chaos of all the bridal party getting ready together in the same place, Kurt deciding it was too hot and stripping back out of his suit until Jade got into her dress and of course the Roy (the puppy) casually going about his thing as if this whole thing was normal.
What touched me was the little things that probably only an outsider would notice when a family comes togeter, the little touches, gestures and looks in eyes were constantly happening and I knew from when i spotted the first one that this was going to be a very special day. Then we found the abandoned derelict swimming pool… that’s when I got even more excited… then there was the beach… excitement went to another level then too. Love these shots, love this wedding and love these guys, thanks for giving me great Ulverstone memories.