Last night i did have drinks with a king, King Dan…

Last night i did have drinks with a king, King Danny of Lovely is his website. Also about was Queen Greta, who I met in Melbourne early this year, at the royal wedding! Lisa, a manager who i know was also there and it turned out to be her birthday drinks! all very good. There was a man named James there too, no idea who he was and i wasn’t along in that, none of the others knew who he was, we just took over his table.
This is King Danny and his subject Bat

This is James, the bloke who was on our table.

This is Queen Greta and her bro, who’s name i’ve misplaced in my mind, we shared a cab.

So it’s 6am here and i’m wide awake, got 3 things on today, meeting at Avalon, who are a management company here, catching up with one of my good friends Annthea who is over here working, i believe we will be shopping in Soho (bit la de da), then tonight i’m catching the delightful Sarah Kendall to update her photos. My photos of her are some of my most recignisable shots over here, will be great to catch up with her!

I seem to keep talking to people about V, and recieve lots of smiles back, it may be because i’m smiling too!

photos to come.