Last Saturday, 4 shoots, 4 previews | Couple / Engagement Sessions Hobart

Saturday was a long day, no wedding so it wa a full day of shoots in Hobart. And all over the place too. We started with Kim and Eliza down at Clifton. They bought along Dukkah and it was his first time at the beach. He loved it, all the other dogs to play with and the sand to dig.

Then off to Barry and Allana’s for their engagement shoot about their flat. I had to hold myself back, too many good shots to be had there. I have to save something for the wedding!

Then off to catch up with Dain and Lauren in Fitzroy Gardens… and someones driveway. This shot is a bit serious, but there are heaps more mucking about ones too. Dain made fun of me before i got a chance to make fun of him… just wait till the wedding Dain…

Then to finish off the day, a sunset shoot with Mark and Jacqui down on the waterfront. I love exploring the same place over and over and finding new ways to shoot it.

So that was my daylight shooting in Hobart. 4 really great shoots, i can’t wait to show and post more from these sessions, it’s going to be hard narrowing down everything!