Legendary Camera


I presented a talk for a camera club a couple of weeks ago, initially I was just going to show some photos and talk about what I do. After starting to put together that talk, I decided to change my approach and explain a little bit about how my photographic style involved, mostly through the influence of other photographers and artists.

This had me thinking a lot and as always the first inspiration and most important inspiration was Peter Dombrovskis. I have many photography books, but the book produced with his images are the most looked at.

Every year as I was growing up, my mum put the Dombrovskis calendars on the back of the toilet door, and I credit my ideas in composition to many hours looking at his work. So when I first seriously started taking photos, I photographed landscapes. Which over time lead to luckily being awarded the 2000 Dombrovskis award for Landscape Photography, presented by the Tasmanian government to a young Landscape photographer. By getting this award I met Peter’s wife, Liz, who has become a good friend and advice giver over the years.

Unfortunately I will never get to thank Peter for his help, but I really wanted to take a portrait that represented him. So I asked Liz if I could take a portrait of his camera, the bits of metal, glass and leather that took the photos that I am still in awe of.

And for some technical details this is a large format Linhof Master Technika 5 x 4 inch flatbed field camera.

You can read more about Peter, view some of his work and buy a calendar to hang in your toilet, or anywhere else you like at http://www.peterdombrovskis.com.au/.

Thanks Liz for digging it out for me!