Lego, Toys and a Wedding

It’s catch up Batblog post time. Marcus and Natasha got married down at the French Hotel and it was one of the best ceremonies / receptions I’ve seen in ages. The ceremony was all about their story, family and friends. It included all the speeches by family and friends that are normally reserved for the evening and Marcus sang a song and Natasha gave Marcus a Legoman light key ring. The legal part was preformed by Marcus’s mun who is a real life celebrant. And I almost forgot to mention they all walked out to the band playing Rainbow Connection (Go Muppets!).

So if the ceremony wasn’t enough to rave about, then check out the details. TOYS! Having little “lego stations” around the reception so that everyone could make their own creations was a fantastic. But the crowning detail was the cake, a cake made of Lego complete with bride, groom and crane!

We played on a the famous Margate Train for some photos as well as about the amazing grounds and insides of D’Entrecasteaux, always a pleasure to shoot there, so many places for amazing shots.

The night finished with a fair amount of dancing and music. Marcus’s musical orientated friends and family got up and took turn in the band. Marcus also joined in on the bass for a few songs.

Stay Tuned for their BATBOOTH soon…