LIFE – Finalist, 2020 silver Lining Awards

I had big plans for this year’s state and national photography awards. I’d even started working on images late last year, which is something I never do. 

Well, that all went out the window when the AIPP had to cancel all it’s awards this year due to a certain virus (who we won’t name) .

Thankfully a new competition was thrown together by the AIPP to get the creative juices flowing and to try fill the void that was missing for photographers around Australia. The Silver Lining Awards were a new beast, with new categories and new rules to really stir things up.

I threw a few images into the mix of the 3000 entries that were received. I was pretty happy to see that this image of Ruby and Alistair made it into the top 10% of entries and into the finals of the Life category. 

Now to wait and see how it goes in the finals, there are five images that get awarded from each category and 25 finalists. A 1 in 5 chance of making it through.

Fingers crossed!