Long time between blogs… So some news. There is…

Long time between blogs…

So some news. There is a heap that has happened.

Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards

This year I made it into the finals of the Young Achiever awards in the Arts section. It was a great night (may have included a headache the next morning) and I met a lot of interesting people who were also finalists, and some very worthy winners, check them out. It was great to be nominated and make the finals.


In March I had my first major task being President of the Tasmanian Division of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, which were the Tasmanian professional photography awards. I had some great help and it was a real team effort, and received the compliment of the best run awards yet. I just have to concentrate a little more on my images next year too, we worked out some systems this year so next year everything should run a bit smoother. And my results…

Tasmanian Professional Photography Awards
2 Silver Awards image and image

Tasmanian Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards
1 Silver Award image

2006 Melbourne Comedy Festival

Another comedy festival has come and gone and yet again I spent some time seeing some shows and taking some photos. I met a heap of new people, and it was good to not have a project on the go this year, more time to enjoy things. I shot backstage at the Comedy Festival Gala, some great images there too, I ll put them in the project gallery soon. I also documented the backstage area of a show called the Sunshine Factory, written and preformed by Dave Callan and Sam Simmons, with some additional cast members including Akmal Saleh and Rove McManus.

I have to get another gallery put up soon, I have a large amount of comedian portraits that need to go somewhere! Some appeared in the portrait of the week section.

Australian Professional Photography Awards

I ventured up to Sydney for the annual photography awards, rented a great apartment with some other photographers, they didn t seem to like my Jonny Cash cd s. There is always a bit photography show on as the same time as the awards, it gives me a chance to catch some of my suppliers and meet some potential new ones.

It is also a very tense time, just waiting for your prints to come up and be judged in nail biting stuff. Even more so this year as I only had to get one more to get my masters. Maters (M.Photo) is awarded when a photographer gets a total of 10 award points (1 for a silver, 2 for a gold) in a 5 year period. I was put out of my misery with my first print which got me silver and my masters. It was great having my best photography friends around me, and also great to see them all go off and get awards themselves. In all my images received 2 silvers and a silver with distinction, my second highest scoring print ever.

Australian Professional Photography Awards

2 Silver awards image image
1 Silver with Distinction award image

Other bits and pieces

The office is now running well, with workflows organized and a steady stream of portraits coming through the door. I have put some new products together and they are being received well by everyone.

I have just returned from a week up in Queensland, we had the annual AIPP Progress and Planning meeting. So a few photographers representing their states discussing the future of the institute. I got a much better knowledge on how the institute works and idea to get happening in Tasmania. I also visited some of my favorite photographers, all convienatly living in Brisbane. I picked up some good ideas, and shared some of my ideas. It s great to be able to share things with other people in the industry.

My next 2 weddings are in Scotland, one in Edinburgh Castle and another in Blair Castle. I m stupidly looking forward to the trip over and also to catch up with many friends. I have a few jobs booked in for London, then I will do a little traveling, hoping to see some of Germany, Croatia and the Netherlands. In all it will be a 5 week trip and will also take in some time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Check out the rest of www.photobat.net there are new photos about the place, most galleries have at least one or two, some have an extra 10!

So, till next time, keep warm and eat an apple