Lost Post – Early start with Todd and Alyda

Another of the lost posts, this one comes from humid Brisbane. When I was up there presenting earlier this year, I met a heap of really nice, fun, interesting and friendly people. Todd and Alyda are two of those. These guys are a very cool and fun photography team as well as husband and wife team. We got talking and I asked the question about when the last time they had some photos together was… the response was their wedding! Ages ago! So I instructed them to come and pick me up early one morning and go exploring and take a heap of photos. Which we did! Lots and lots of fun photos. These guys are so fun. And i mean fun like awesome fun. You can see how good they are at photography too by checking out their website here. 










 The great thing about going to conferences, workshops, awards and other places you find photographers, is that you meet people who you can see yourself being friends with for along time. These guys are about to storm Europe with their cameras, so make sure you keep up with them on their blog!