Lucky Weather Tasmanian weather is always unpredi…

Lucky Weather

Tasmanian weather is always unpredictable, and the day of Scott and Trish’s wedding was no different. It was sunny, raining, windy, overcast, warm and cold. All these conditions changed at various times throughout the day and there was no predictability.

I spent some time with Scott at the beach were he went for a surf in the morning and then some time back in Hobart where Trish was getting her hair and make up done. Trish dropped intoa florist on the way to the hairdresser and asked for a bouquet to be made up, surprising the florist with the fact it was to be her wedding bouquet for that afternoon!

The wedding took place down South Arm way, about half an hour out of Hobart. It’s a great location with a nice beach and Betsey Island in the background. Trish had to teach her dad how to drive her old Mercedes, which was Trish’s first car and still going strong. Trish and her dad were walked down the track to the beach accompanied by a piper.

Scott and his best dog were waiting on the beach with about 40 family and friends. The dog (I’ll remember his name soon!) had the rings tied to his collar and did his job perfectly. The signing of the register took a little longer than expected as one of their friends sang Trish’s favourite song, so the couple just enjoyed that for a few minutes before signing the paperwork.

Some more shots were taken about the area, which has some amazing locations with sandstone cliffs and fierce looking seas! Then off to Scott and Trish’s place for a reception in a marquee in the garden.

They are heading off to Vietnam for a bit of a honeymoon!