Magazine a Go Go Lots of magazine stuff had bee…

Magazine a Go Go

Lots of magazine stuff had been happening. I managed to get my first cover on a root’s music magazine called Rythums. It’s one of my Xavier Rudd images. And again NO CREDIT.

Also there is a story in Australian Creative (obscure design and media magazine)of the FUJI Australian photographers collection. My pic that was accepted into Collection 10 was used as one of the cool shots they used to show it off.

In a magazine called Smart Start 2005 there is an interview with me that goes for a whole page. All about networking and it has some of my photos. This is aimed at the school leaver market and gives them some tips on where to go now their world as they know it no longer exists. My friend Sally took the picture of me they used, she GOT A CREDIT.

Friend Gail in the UK saw one of my photos being used over there. It was one of Sarah Kendall, Perrier nominated comedian. She has bought the rights and also said that she would get a credit where the photos were being used. NO CREDIT TO BE SEEN.

Noticing a trend? I like credits. I do editorial work for the credits, if someone sees a photo and they think “that’s a good photo, who took that?” They can look at the credit. But if there isn’t one there they forget and thus I loose a job. SO GIVE ME CREDIT.