Maria and Kymberley | Wedding At the Red Feather Inn, Launceston


These guys decided to go away to get married, they choose Launceston which is about as far away as possible from their home in Halls Creek. They also bought along their family and friends from many other foreign parts (foreign being not Tasmania).

So many things that were different for these guys, we have grass, wind and we don’t have dust. Plus we also have fantastic places to get married like the superb Red Feather Inn, one of the prettiest venues in the state.

It must have been hard planning such a great wedding from that distance; they even had to stop off in Perth to pick up things to bring down. It was worth it, it all seemed to be fantastic. The kids were running around, beer and wine being drunk, Barb “Super Celebrant” Youd doing the ceremony and the sun out all day. There was even fake moustaches, wants and tiaras after the ceremony for everyone!

We headed off to take photos with “something that doesn’t look like Halls Creek”, the Longford area was nice and green providing a bit of a contrast.

And if you are ever up in Halls Creek, drop into the Kimberley Emporium and say hi to these guys.