Mark and Mel

I wonder when the weather is going to be good on a Saturday? For my count, the last four Saturdays have been pretty bad weather. At least last week the weather was kind enough to be mostly over by the time Mark and Mel’s ceremony had started, but did leave us some really nice clouds to play with.

The dress came from Timeless Elegance and looked fantastic.

The ceremony was held at the Church of Apostles, one of Launceston’s biggest and prettiest churches.

 All but two of their guests were from interstate, mostly from much warmer areas of the country. Everyone did a great job to get wrapped up and warm, but itreally wasn’t that cold! I really loved the expression on this guys face (and the beard!)


We then headed off to Windermere for a few bridal party shots, where the clouds were our friend again!


Then off to have some more shots at the Bay of Fires Vineyard, which is very well set up for cocktail style weddings. Matsons did the catering and the couple of little samples I tried were fantastic. Plus the vineyard is a very pretty spot.

Emily from Green Apple did a fantasttic job with the bouquets and button holes. Plus there were some fantastic vases of Babies Breath at the reception. The whole day ran very smoothly thanks to Jane from Sacred Heart Weddings, who planned the whole day with Mel (I think Mark was involved a little too!)

The cakes from Taunt Pour Tant lookedvery very yummy, so much so that you probably would want to try every different kind of cake they had!

Thansk again Mark and Mel for letting me come along and capture your day for you, I really look forward to showing you all the shots!