Matt and Molly

I knew this was going to be a good wedding as soon as Matt called up to make an appointment, Matt and Molly were in the office a couple of hours after the call and booked on the spot. There was just something about these two, you could tell straight away their wedding was going to be a fun once.

Flash forwards 6 months, Matt now works at Photobat and we have watched their wedding come to life! Hearing about all the details, including the guys custom made converse shoes, the flowers, the music and the search for little treats to give to the guests.

They guys all gathered at Matt’s place, where they seem to have all spent a lot of time there. So much so that Matt’s mum treats them all as her own! The boys got suited and they looked fierce.


The girls on the other hand were the typical mayhem of hair, make up, dress mending, more hair, dressing, and a little bit of a drink to help it all flow. The girls all looked fantastic, make up and hair were perfect. Molly looked phenomenal too, the dress was stunning.

The whole event happened at Brickendon in Longford, a country estate about 20 minutes away from Launceston. The ceremony was held next to the homestead, with the reception over in the barn.

We loved photographing all these guys and girls, so much laughter! We had o move it along a bit as the threat of rain was starting to scare us. It held off and left the most amazing light falling everywhere.

Matt and Molly, Thanks again letting us come along and play with you and your friends, there are so many photos that we can not wait to show you. Enjoy the tropics, I hear Molly’s tan is coming along well, where Matt’s is lagging far behind!

See the next post below for the photos we took at the reception, the inaugural BATBOOH!!!. Podcast will be up today too.

Hair: Jess Manning, Make Up: Pure Body, Suits: Roger David, Dress: Timeless Elegance, Flowers: Emily Flaherty,  Music; Victor Charlie Charlie and Mayfield, Venue: Brickendon, Celebrant John Moorehouse, Cake: Aromas.