Media Week What a interesting news week, t…

Media Week

What a interesting news week, there was a nice feature story about me and the time I spent working for the Launceston Uni taking photos of cadavers. There was a little in there about by past achievements and a bit about what I’m doing now and planning, but mostly about the cadavers. Photo was OK, on standard for what I’d expect my better photo ideas were shot and left of the scrap heap by a photo editor who understands that photography for the masses doesn’t have to be good.

Most interesting thing about the articles was the fact hat I was described as a “Nuggety Fellow”.

I did some research into “nuggety”.

Google has about 6,000 pages for nuggety. (0.19 seconds) (This, if you are a googlewhacker, does not come up as a real word). Generally a lot of stuff about nuggets and rocks and other geological stuff.

The Encarta Dictionary describes it as:



1. occurring as nuggets: occurring as nuggets

2. Australia, New Zealand broad and strong-looking: having a broad and strong-looking physique, and usually short in stature ( informal)

And check out

If being Nuggety isn’t enough, The Mercury gave me another surprise on Wednesday.

I reviecved a text message from a friend saying “I’m watching you”, had no idea why, so I sent one back, and he then sent one saying “we are supposed to watch you”. He then mentioned page 16 of the Mercury. I went and had a look and apparently I’m one of Tassie’s Top Ten To Watch in 2005. This is kinda nice… if you like stalkers. My mum liked it, but then again, she’s been keeping a close eye on me for years now.

And then I got an email from a friend who works at the ABC saying

I just overheard a bunch of wannabe journos talking outside my office about how good Alan Moyle’s photography is … (right before they talked about how much they enjoyed Desperate Housewives last night)”

Straight after that I received an phone call from the TV programe Stateline requesting to do a story on me! I’ll have to go study Austin Powers again, as that’s what the people want these days, bit of a show while the photos are being taken!

Must run now, for I have to keep moving to keep my watchers happy.