Melbourne Again, Yes, Melbourne call once again…

Melbourne Again,

Yes, Melbourne call once again, this time I have had a few calls to return, and one from Sydney too. Time to go take all those comedy festival poster shots I’ve been trying to take for years. There are not a huge amount of people wanting them, but the ones that are asking are very quality. There should be about 10 to 12 posters next April.

Things are underway for my exhibitions, lots to organise and just as I get one under control, I get offered another place and city to put some photos up. Some people in Sydney want to put up an exhibition as part of their Comedy Festival, would be a great place to exhibit, may cause some issues with costs and logistics, but I’m sure something will get arranged. It may mean I catch the Spirit to Sydney in late March and then drive the exhibition to Melbourne. Perhaps I could find a comedian and give them a lift from festival to festival.