Melbourne Day 1 5.20am isn’t a proper time to b…

Melbourne Day 1

5.20am isn’t a proper time to be getting up, so naturally I didn’t. 5.50am is not a good time to be late and rushing to an airport to catch a plane, but was the natural thing to do after not getting up on time. I did make the flight, was a bit sleepy but the muffin I purchased was truly a muffin worthy of a supermarket shelf more than air food.

It was good to see the sunrise above the clouds and then minute’s later plunge into the murky greyness beneath the clouds and above Melbourne. My rather lovely friend Bec did manage to get out of bed and come pick me up, getting up at 6 just for me. She did manage to stay well hidden under a hat; even it was not really hat weather. (I guess the hat was just hiding the bed hair from the general publics’ eyes)

I’m staying at bec’s for a few days till I head back to Tas on Friday, I even got my belated birthday present, an ultra cool marble chess set bought at the taj mahal. So that is ultra cool, I’ve now gone from no chess boards 24 months ago to owning 3, meaning I can now loose to three people at the one time.

From Bec’s I ventured into the comedy festival offices to get all the things I need for a festival, my participants pass, 2 opening night party invitations and 2 festival club season pass’s. All which will come in very handy and also increase the money.

I also visited Token and received some overdue money, had some coffee, caught up with the street press, checked out a photo lab I’ll be using for the project, Took Mick Lowenstein for a walk in the city and purchased $100 worth of stuff for my exhibition stands. And now I am here in this highschool-esk internet “lounge”, well, there is a couch, I wouldn’t sit on it but it is there.

Time to go meet other Tasmanians and eat, drink and get ready for a month of hardships to the liver and wallet in the name of comedy.

In bad news i discovered that the accomadationat my friend Frog’s place has all fallen through, i will be homeless at the end of the week, i must do some calling about.