Melbourne Day 11 Hmm… Friday. I thought I’d be…

Melbourne Day 11

Hmm… Friday.

I thought I’d better go off and do catching up today, I had a shoot with Matt King in the afternoon and a whole morning to fill in. I ended up heading down to Phoenix Studio in South Yarra to investigate prices for studio hire, as usual I spent a lot of time talking to Rob Anderson who I think runs the studio. I also bumped into Kim Tonelli, a muscisian photographer who I met briefly 3 years ago and then again last year. I have been trying to get together with her and talk shop for a while and didn’t get much of an opotunity to do it today either.

I then headed into the Jam Factory, via Bridie Orielys, searching for rhe ever illusive wireless internet signal. The guys ar Bridies recommended to check the connections before I ordered, he was right, there wasn’t all that much to connect to. That is when I went to the Jam Factory, I did manage to find a good signal and spent 2 hours doing some work, spending less that 3 minutes online for email sending and receiving. I then had to run off and find a location for Matt King.

After a bit of a walk I found a good location, I was mainly looking at the walls around it and it wasn’t until I took Matt there a few minutres later I saw that there was a bath tub looking very lonely on the ground. The shoot went well, Matt even got in the bath, I thought that was very brave. I went for a bit of a walk around St Kilda after that and then to Janets where I caught up with Mick, did some work on the Matts photos and then took Mick into the city.

Today I also picked up the information panel for my exhibition, so finally people can have a look at it and know what it’s all about.

I have also just discovered that the lab doesn’t print over the weekend, and they will also be closed for 4 days over Easter. This means I have to get 7 portraits shot and printed in 3 days. I wonder if I can do it. I reckon I can,

Late Friday night I was trying to get home, but sot stuck talking to some comedians in Duckboard House. I learnt from Sarah Kendell how much exposure the photo I took last year had received. I think I have picked up that in Edinburough, to get a good promotional story, or a photo included with your review, your image needs to stand out, Her image does stand out, you don’t notice how much until you see a wall full of posters and are just dramn to her image. Actually, if you look over my shoulder now you can see the poster I’m talking about on the wall over there..

I stumbled upon a copy of the Comedy Festival edition of Inpress, a popular street press about Melbourne. In it there was a 5 question interview with Justin Hamilton where one of the questions was “how good’s your photo?” and Justin replied about how good my photos were for a few sentences. That was great and also goes to show how supportive he is. There has been a lot of support this year; I have to get really organized now so that I can get all the photos required for this project without causing me too much stress