Melbourne Day 11 OK, in the last couple of days…

Melbourne Day 11

OK, in the last couple of days I’ve shot The Bedroom Philosopher, a good shoot which included his tie collection. I also saw Justin Kennedy (great show, well crafted), Lee Mack (classic UK stand up, very good and a great intro video), Rob Rouse (yet another UK comedian who made me laugh on many occasions), I think there may have been something else in there but it’s all a little blurry.

Today I again got up early. Went into the city and caught up with a friend from Tasmania. Brad had just moved to Melbourne at the start of the year and has just gained employment as a teacher. We spent the day hanging about… well, I dragged him to one of the lab’s I use, to a couple of photography galleries and then to my graphic designers. That took us up till about 3.30pm. Brad had to go and I had to go meet up with Howard Reed a UK comedian who is doing a show called The Big Howard, Little Howard Show. Little Howard is a fully interactive 6 year old boy who lives on a computer, the show is really great.

We did a very simple photo, using one of my favorite locations, A Melbourne laneway. I think the exhibitions next year could be called, Comedians in the Lane, as it is turning into my regular backdrop. I like the photo of Howard, very simple and get the idea across.

I also caught up with Frog, who is about to head to the US to stage manages a show for Chunky Move Dance Company. Then Saw Vaya and Jo Know What You Did Last Summer, a very cool horror choose your own adventure show, the concept for the show is great and I think I might go see it again and see an alternative ending.

I also had a great idea for a photo with the Scardies and Lano and Woodley, 3 out of 4 of them have heard the idea and like it. It will be great if I can pull it off, but I think it will not be able to be completed this trip. It might mean a special trip over to shoot it.

I am writing this in a Cafe type food court in the Jam fdactory, using the power of Wireless Internet. It’s been a strugle to actulally find a good place to so this where the internet is strong enough. I found an good area and of have gradually attracted large amounts of crying babies, gangs of screeming school kids and other general distraction type things. If only i could find good reception ina real cafe, but they seem to only have it outside the cafe’s and it’s very bright outside and i can’t see my screen.