Melbourne Day 2 I spent a bit of time reading t…

Melbourne Day 2

I spent a bit of time reading today, I found a copy of Spike Milligan’s “Hitler, my part in his downfall”. I believe this is reading procrastination, I have started reading the lord of the rings but I’m not in any hurry to continue. I will one day.

Most of the reading was done while waiting for a supplier I use, we were having a meeting as we were both just voices on a phone for a year and it was about time to meet. So after 2 hours of waiting in the area for a phone call I gave up and went down to pick up some prints. To my surprise the Fuji/CPL sponsorship deal was a bit better than I had first expected, getting my prints supplied at no cost. Very happy about that.

I ended up back in the city after that, meting with my Graphic Designer to get a proof of my postcard to show the Comedy Festival Marketing Manager. Then it was more waiting for my great friend Tori to finish work and to drink exotic beers like “Cascade 4 seasons” which was on tap at a funky new bar called Cookie. So that filled up my time till I had my meeting with Meredith King the marketing queen. OF course I had to wait around a bit, but alas no reading this time, there were comedians to talk to. Lots of comedians. I was at a live broadcast for ABC AM Radio and a lot of familiar and new comedians were talked to and agreeable to let me shoot their portrait for the project.

SO things are moving forward… just need to find a bed now (Tori has ofered some emergeny shelter later in the festival but not right now).