Melbourne Day 3 Did some computer work this mor…

Melbourne Day 3

Did some computer work this morning and finished up the day with more computer work now.

After my meeting with Meredith King last night, I had to get her some images so she could get them to The Age newspaper. As I was tramming it in, I got a call and diverted myself directly to The Age, I put the CD in an envelope and gave it to someone who hopefully will put it in the right box so it can reach it’s destination. So all fingers are crossed.

I then met up with my friend Kristy, heard tales of Asia, ate, had a coffee (no 7 of my trip), then went and got some desert, another coffee (8). We parted ways then and will meet up again tomorrow when i set up my exhibition.

My faithful Gutter Monkey / builder type person Scotty Pollard was taken ill with a stuff coming out of two separate holes all the night before. So the plans of getting the exhibition stands set up today were all quashed. So I rang Mick, got on a tram and went and saw “Mona Lisa Smile” in Gold Class at he jam factory. I didn’t mind the movie, it was ok, not brilliant but worth seeing. Then some dinner and home to write this. I have an exhibition opening tomorrow. I have a lot to get done as I have no walls, no frames, no matts and not many images. Big day tomorrow. I may explode around lunchtime but will put myself back together as I have my first comedian to shoot, Dave Gorman.

Still no accomadation