Melbourne Day 4 After 2 months of planning the …

Melbourne Day 4

After 2 months of planning the Comedy Festival Exhibition, I woke up this morning with the task of finally getting it up on a wall. Of course the fact that I was given no walls to hang the photos on was a minor point that I had to over come along with the lighting and portability. If a big crowd is going to be in the foyer, the exhibition had to be moved so it didn’t interrupt the flow of the audience. I had planned this elaborate hanging system with lights that folds up and is on wheels, but in the end I just bought 6 interior doors, some cloth to cover them with and some picture hooks. There was a very handy little alcove with lights in the foyer and when the 25 watt globes with 75 watt globes it had a good lighting. So to simplify it all, I just leant the doors up against the sides of the alcove and it was done.

To get to that point I had help from my friends Kristy and Scott, Scott helped with a lot of carrying of things, like 6 interior doors 3 inner city Melbourne blocks. Kristy lent a hand in getting the images ready for the walls. It all managed to be up and hanging at 4.40pm, 1 hour 20 minutes before it opened.

From there I headed down to CPL, the lab that, along with Fuji, are sponsoring the exhibition. Picked up a print. Back into the city where I bumped into Dave Gorman, who was supposed to call me earlier in the day so I could take his portrait, but he didn’t call me. So he apologized a lot and I then dragged him away to Chinatown where I did take his photo. I then went off and saw the Big Howard, Little Howard show, with Howard Reed and his fully interactive 6 year old cartoon, little Howard. Was a good show, very technically challenging and probably not the best show to see on it’s first night, but it was very good.

I then went home, talked to Bec, had a coffee (8), showered and then back into the city for the festival opening night party. Saw some stand up, drank some expensive beer and then went up to Duckboard House where Mick, Andy and Justin were hanging out talking and drinking cheaper beer. I then went home and slept.