Melbourne Day 7 Up at 6am to catch a boat back …

Melbourne Day 7

Up at 6am to catch a boat back to Melbourne. I’m not sure about you but the prospect of spending 10 hours on a floating RSL love boat does not excite me all that much. This was my 25th trip across bass strait, the first time I crossed it was exciting for a few hours but was all downhill from there. And has been downhill for the next 10.42 days worth of travel since that first trip. At lease this trip I had some work to do on a laptop and also a few books to read, again, not the Lord of the Rings as I accidentally (maybe) left that in the car. All m yplans did again fall into disarray as some nice people I had met throught the Hobart Comedy festival were on the boat, Liv and her mum were good to spend some time catching up with and procrastinating from my work. I did do some but a vital program had not been installed. (3 coffees, bringing it up to 11)

So, I did eventually arrive in Melbourne and was greeted with a wall of muggy warmth, after spending a lot of time at sea I’d forgotten that it was going to be warm in Melbourne. I had no idea where I was going to stay that night, so I headed into the city and the Comedy Festival, I caught up with some people, saw Charlie Pickering’s show “Revolver”, quite a solid show, I had seen a lot of it at the Hobart Comedy Festival, but it was good to see it all in it’s new structure. I noticed there was a photo that needed to be taken to improve this show and Charlie was already thinking the same thing so that is all being organized.

A couple of beers later, I headed up to Duckboard House to find Mick and give him a lift back to Janet’s (and to the couch that I was to be sleeping on). At duckboard I also saw Frank Woodley and mentioned an idea for a photo to him, he liked it and I’ve now got to get planning. I took Mick to a nice little pizza place in Windsor and then to my springy couch.