Melbourne Day 8. I don’t really like springy co…

Melbourne Day 8.

I don’t really like springy couches, and so I didn’t have a great nights sleep. I still got up early and saw that it had rained during the night, proving that I did get some sleep as didn’t hear a thing. I gave my recently relocated friend Matt Boden a call, He wasn’t living too far away so I went around to his new place. It’s the only old looking place in the street, making it an endangered species for the whole area. It is in a kind of hip suburb of Prahan and is very well located for everything, including café’s, clubs, book shops, music shops… actually let’s just say it’s well located for culture. We went and got coffee, CD’s, more coffee and then got rained on. It was now lunchtime and time to go eat with an old uni friend Annthea, whom works in Richmond. I’ve spent very little time in Richmond. I did go shopping there once while I lived in Melborune but not really since.

All of this time was also spent wondering where I was going to sleep. I did think to bring a tent with me from Tasmania but I don’t really want to use it. I also can not think of any inner city campsites that have fresh running water. I guess I could just erect the tent in a city park, spray the tent with glitter and call it a art, but I think that would only work for a couple of days.

I then went of to visit Adrian, an old comedian friend who has been very helpful in the past in both material ways and also motivational ways. Adrian tends to stay up late and sleep in late. He didn’t answer the door at 3pm when we had arranged my visit. He still didn’t answer at 4pm, so I left a card and ran away to a cool little café nearby where I had just pulled up when Adrian called to say he was awake now and pleaded with me to come back. So I did. We chatted, drank coffee, and exchanged much exaggerated stories. Benne, Adrian’s lovely wife of a few months eventually came home and also solved one my accommodation dilemma, well, for a few days anyway. So it came to pass that I now have a roof, bed and a slightly angry cat called Felinni to enjoy for a few days.

I ended up back at the Comedy Festival that night (big surprise there). I had to find someone to shoot the next day, and I did. Richard McKenzie, a really nice guy but tends to freak out people. I just don’t think people understand that someone with a bright red Mohawk can be a nice and friendly guy.