Melbourne Wrap Up Well, the big final presentat…

Melbourne Wrap Up

Well, the big final presentation went off without a hitch. A small crowd gathered to fil the 600 seat venue (well 40 of the seats anyway). There were a lot of people talking afterwards and the laptop was propped up on three different bars that night to show people who missed out on the big one. I think I will have to do it again next year. Will be bigger and better.

And now I’m in the wake of Melbourne, A lot of things to finish up. I really didn’t look at many of the photos I took in Melbourne. Just one or two which I worked and showed people. I took over 2000 shots and now have to sift through them all and get them delivered.

I’m now off for 6 days with Shiro Tanaka, a Japanese photographer who I’m showing about Tasmania. Pity he chose the week it got really cold to visit.