Michael and Christine

Michael asked Christine to marry him in Tasmania and they both decided to drag all their family and friends from all over the country for their Rosevears Wedding.
After a frantic morning of golf and hairdressing all the bridal party converged on the apartments at Rosevears Estate to get ready. I’d never been in the apartments before and was in love with them as soon as I walked in, such great light.

After the ceremony we had some photos about the Cellar Door and then headed off to Exeter to a great industrial background. Then off to the Rosevears Tavern for a drink with the rest of the wedding guests. We also drapped Christine all over a cool car that was in the carpark, the owners we loving it!

Then back to the vineyard for a few more photos in the vineyard.

This last shot was taken just after I had said my goodbyes and was just heading out the door. Christine dropped onto the couch to have a little rest. I got Michael to get there too, lay down in the toilet opposite and got this great shot to end the day.

Congratulations Michael and Christine on such a fantastic day and an amazing wedding. I look forward to catching up with you once you get back from you European adventure!

And now a bit of a slideshow to finish up.