Mid year goal reviews | Personal thoughts

So new years resolutions. I normally forget about them on the 13th of January.

This year I did something different. I did a course at the beginning of the year called 5 Days To Your Best Year Ever, 5 online half hour sessions over 5 days with Michael Hyatt. And now it’s the middle of the year and time to look back at what I said back then. To be honest, I hadn’t looked at these until I got my reminder email and a webinar about getting back on track they sent out.

I was a bit surprised at how much I had achieved towards the goals.

So, I said I wanted to get healthy. I am now the healthiest I’ve been since I don’t know when. Putting the right nutrition into my body, exercising and in the process dropped 13 kilos, sleep better and am more focused. I have more goals in this area to hit now, knowing how far I’ve come has inspired me

Another one was to work on a residual income stream, thanks to being open to an opportunity I am well on the way to achieving this and excited to be helping others do the same. Plus it all linked in with getting healthy and had the side benefits of improved confidence, better sleep and coping wit stress less *.

I also set about having an exhibition that would receive national media attention that I could leverage off for future projects. I received much more than this from Behind The Curtain with the media in all forms doing bits on it and over 4000 people coming to see it. Certainly in a good position for the next project(s).

Produce a great presentation that is well received and inspires the WA AIPP. From the feedback I received since the talk I can safely say that I achieved my aim of inspiring others to shoot personal projects. The whole process of putting my thoughts down onto paper and then into a presentation pushed me, and now I want to do more, refine what I said and really make a change for hundreds of people.

The other goals are still a work in progress, a couple aren’t as important as they were at the start so are being re-evaluated, and the others are coming along well.

Plus along the way I’ve done things I never thought I would do including win the Album of the Year in Victoria and now am totally open to everything that comes my way.

Taking action is a big part of the next part of the year, it’s why in 4 weeks I’m going to the USA for 4 days plus travelling time. If you aren’t taking action, you are stagnate. I’m so sick of stagnate.

Now to set the next set of goals, the ones to really push me for the end of the year and solidify my overall life goals.

It really is going to be the best year ever, 50% left to go!
*If you are in looking to reduce your weight, have better performance in sport of the gym, age youthfully, sleep better, stress less or just interested in making some extra money, get in touch with me and I’ll share with you what I’m up to and why it’s so important to me.