Monica and Craig


I knew I was excited all last week for a reason, first wedding of the season and it was a cracker!

I met Monica and Craig when I was shooting Renne and Nathan’s wedding (also a corker of a wedding), Renne is Monica’s sister, and as with Renee’s wedding, all 5 Grech girls made up the female component of the bridal party, Craig had is 2 brothers and best mate on his side, who basically grew up with his family so we shall just call him a brother anyway!

It all kicked off with breakfast with the boys at the Macquarie Foodstore, then off to the Tote to place some bets on the Caufield Cup, where Craig discovered a horse in another race called Sous Chef, which is what he is, so money went down on that one. The horse many of us placed bets on ended up didn’t even make it to the starting gate.


Anyway, some U2 helped the guys get ready and but the slower soppy Bono songsstarted as were were about to take some shots, so I suggested a switch to a bit of Pulp Fiction.


Off to the girls at the Old Woolstore Apartments and Monica arrived back after an amazing amount of time at the hairdresser, but it was worth it the hair was perfect. Everyone slipped into their dresses, which incidentally were made by her maid of honour and sister Lauren, she did a great job on Monica’s wedding dress. We gto some great shots around the woolstore.


The ceremony was at St Mary’s Cathedral, I’d never been in the church before and it is really beautiful. Showing off another talented sister, Renee sang during the ceremony, many other family members were also involved through the service.

As usual, I was asked where to go for photos… dark alley ways are always great, especially one with a big purple wall. Monica and Craig did a great job with colour scheme at the wedding, and it was refreshing to be able to find somewhere unique to compliment them.


The ceremony was at Morilla where I got to see the amazing cake that Monica, the bride herself, created from scratch. Talk about a talented family!

It was a really fantastic day, the colours, locations, the great Kombi vans as bridal cars, but the real magic of the day was between Craig and Monica, you can tell how well they are suited to each other and I know they are going to have an amazing life together… starting with Thailand for the honeymoon! Have a great time you two, and bring me back some photos.

Some photos will be added to this post soon… but for starters… as I know there are two newly wed people in Melbourne airport waiting to see something, here is a little slideshow… I hope the computers have flash installed…