Mono After convincing one friend the genius of …


After convincing one friend the genius of a monopod she went out and bought one. She’s traveling at the moment and I’m sure she is using it up a storm. I didn’t own a monopod till a couple of days ago. So I’m excited about it. But I haven’t used it yet, I haven’t even put a camera on it yet. Someday I will.

It’s getting close to awards season again, so that means narrowing down images to put in. I can choose 5 wedding and 5 others for the Tassie Awards and just any 5 for the nationals.

The idea is the tassie awards give you comments to go and change the photos so they will be better in the nationals. I am always in Melbourne and miss the tassie awards, so I don’t really get any comments.

There is also a bit of difference between the judging styles, Alice Bennett an image into the Tasmanian Awards last year and I think it didn’t go anywhere, she entered it in the Nationals and it got a Gold Award. It was a straight shot, not alot of work done to it. I think down here the highly worked shots will wow the judges more than in Sydney, and the other way around where a good clean unworked shot can get a better award at the Nationals and not do well in Tasmania.

I’ve got a month to make up my mind.