More than one thing happened at the falls festiv…

More than one thing happened at the falls festival.

I went to the Falls Festival. I even managed to get a media pass. I took some photos, some of which were great, some of which would have made a less moralistic and ethical photographer quite a bit of cash. I now have a shot that doesn’t exist (which, if there is a journalist from Sydney reading, is more trashy than anything you saw and you will never get your dirty hands on it, it that a bit bitchy? Let’s just say it’s nothing compared to what she called me and put me through, what a pity she had to drop the story, boo hoo.) This photo was taken when I was backstage, it’s the only photo I took at the falls that I wished I hadn’t. But I did, and now I have it I’m not going to get rid of it, I hope that looking back in a few years that the image will serve some usein a positive way. This one event has overshadowed the whole festival and I’m glad when I ask people what the thought of the festival and they don’t mention it.

More than one thing did happen at the Falls, lots of things. Everyone I talk to says it was amazing, the vibe was great, the music was brilliant, food was dam good, beach was perfect and no one has a negative thing to say.

I kind of lied to get into the Falls last year, I was there under the guise of shooting the comedy component for the Hobart Comedy Fesetival. I did do that, but that only took up about 1% of my time. I also shot bands, shots of the camping, lots of different people doing lots of different things and ended up with over 1000 images. The contract that I signed with the festival to get my media pass said that I was to supply 20 images to the festival for them to use. I didn’t know what images they wanted so I sent lo res jpegs of all 1000+. I got a phone call, the first thing that was said was “When did you sleep?” I didn’t really sleep at all, I managed about 3 hours or less a night. From there a good relationship with the organizers started which lead to shooting some shots of Xavier Rudd and The Vasco Era. I also discovered when I got onsite at the falls that I was kind of the staff photographer and was upgreaded from a media pass to an access all areas pass.

Like last year I took a lot of photos, I did manage to get a heap of sleep this year, about 6 hours a night. My coverage of the festival was not as complete as the year, but I think the quality is better and has a little more insight into the festival, including some nice candid backstage shots plus a few portraits.

I admit that I was mainly at the festival for the portraits. It is what I want to do and to have so many top acts in the one spot and the possibilities of creating a musician folio in 2 days was too tempting. I did manage to get some great shots of Missy Higgins, John Butler, Donovan Frankenwriter, Clare Bowditch, Sarah Blasco, Bob Brosnan and Billy Bragg (and his son Jack, who was probably my favorite subject for the whole festival, I think he wanted the headline of “Jack Bragg Beats Up Photographer In Australia While On Christmas Holiday), Now I just need to work on some bands, I seem to only be shooting individuals. I’ll probably get the chance with the Beautiful Girls when they are back in town at the end of the month.

I was glad that The Vasco Era did an amazine set, I didn’t doubt them at all and I’m glad all the people I said to go watch them did and are now in love with them as much as I am. I also really liked the Black Keys, The Cat Empire, Missy Higgins, John Butler… actually, I don’t think there was one band I saw that I didn’t like.

As for backstage moments, I spent part of the Black Keys set talking to Dan the singers dad, I enjoyed hanging some shit on the Vasco Era and also enjoyed that they gave it back. I was very grateful for Clare Bowditch giving me a copy of her CD, which is really really good. I also enjoyed sitting down on a comfy chair at 1.30am on Jan 1st with Benny drinking a beer and doing nothing. Other things included, the Bedroom Philosopher’s impromptu interpretive dance through the crowd, hanging out in the media centre and listening to the Mercury reporters swearing about their laptops, meeting other photographers and festival crew plus the general good vibe that was happening not only in front of the stage but out the back too.

All my images are now up on in the client files section. I’m donating some of the money from sales to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Fund. So go have a look, tell friends and help save those devils.