Morgan’s Kitchen Most people have seen the photo…

Morgan’s Kitchen

Most people have seen the photo I took of Anthony Morgan back in March of 2003. This is one of the first shots from the shoot, just in his kitchen, with a can of Powers Ice in has hand and the stew on the stove. I did have my digital camera with me, but I shot this on film using the old OM1, I think I had a promo roll of neg from Fuji to play with.

So, this shot was taken at about 11am on a Saturday morning. The first thing our kind host offered us (Robbie who was helping me) was a beer. I had just had a fairly large night before and so enquired about some coffee… I ended up with a beer, as did Robbie.

This was shot with natural light through his window to the left, a tungsten bulb over head and with a silver reflector to the right.