Mr Fairfax

Bruce Fairfax is a teacher at my old high school. He has been there for a while and is now moved up to the role of Deputy Principal. I guess the teachers that stand out are the ones you like or really don’t like. I really liked Mr Fairfax. He did not teach any classes I took, we only came into contact through other non classroom activities like school productions and when I hung about and annoyed friends on the debating team he ran. He also gave me my first reference that helped me get my first job, hand written on the school letter head.

What is even more fun is re connecting with teachers and having adult to wise adult conversations. It has been really great taking these photos for no real reason than an excuse to talk and listen to stories. You never really get to know teachers that well when you are a student, so I can highly recommend connecting with your favourite teachers.

(and hope that they don’t read your blog posts and correct your grammar)