Mr Rocco | Random Portrait

Every wedding clients asks me

“So who did you get to take your wedding photos?”

I say “A friend” pause “A friend who has an amazing talent for working with people, capturing moments and them working with the images to make them look amazing”

I’m talking about Rocco Ancora, whom I first met at an AIPP event back in the early 2000’s. Since then we have pottered about catching up when possible and talking “shop”. I have a great respect for him images and skill but value the conversations more. He’s been very supportive and encouraging of my imagery too and helped me heaps on the way to where I am now.

Rocco has a whole table full of trophies, his dedication to his craft is extreme. So much so that some of the world’s most respected photographers go to his workshops and use him to retouch and print their work.

Head over anc check out his work at his website, and his printing/retouching over at his other site.