My Bucket List

What is this all about?

A Bucket List is a list of things that I’ve got dreams / ideas I have in my head that will make amazing photos, not just for me and my excitement level but also for the family that are as keen on these ideas as I am… I JUST DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE!

Who am I looking for?

Really, it’s for families who loved to have fun and appreciate photography as not just something that lives on a wall or in an album not on a USB in the drawer.

For helping with the bucket list shots there is a good amount of me looking after the family involved with some goodies as thanks.
When do I want to do this by?
There is no real time limit, it will happen when the right people come along… of course if you are the right person, or know the right person Get In Touch


Matching Tracksuit Family – Think The Royal Tenenbaums family, matching red tracksuits with white stripes… or like that. 
Family in the snow
- In all my years I’ve only photographed once in the snow, and that was an accident as the wedding just happened to be on a mountain and it was unexpectedly cold.
Epic family water pistol fight – I’m not afraid to get wet, and some of my favourite memories are the water fights around the house. The kids ganging up with dad, and then one of the kids being cheeky and getting the hose and then Dad leveling up with a bucket. 
Family with boat fishing trip – heading out and capturing the family doing what they do on the boar
A family pet snake – Not every family is a dog and cat family. When I was growing up my best friend had a python as a pet in her bedroom! In a world full of fluff, let’s get the scales out and play… but not like this.
At Home pyjama / onsie party with a family including epic exploding pillow fight
First Australians – A family that celebrates their heritage 
Really good cosplay family – I do love a good dress up shoot and I know Cosplayer familes go all out and put a lot of work into their costumes. Taking the family and putting them into a location that suits the characters will be so cool to do. 

The Bucket List People

It’s not just families, I have a list of people I would love to do portraits with. Over the years I’ve been pretty lucky to photograph a lot of comedians, authors, musicians and other people who entertain, educate or improve the world. 

The Names
Shaun Micallef, Noah Taylor, Roy Billing, Aunty Donna, Rob Sitch+Tom Gleisner+Santo Cilauro, 

Completed Bucket List Shoots

Sunrise Stand Up Paddle-board family session – This one is for one of those still summer mornings, epic clouds or blue sky, still morning with the family together on their boards.

Thanks to the King Family from Sunny King SUP for kicking this bucket shot off.

Uncle Jack.
Amazing face, story and leader.

Thanks to Linda Catalano for making this unexpected quick portrait happen.

Kid/s in Inner tubes in the sea / bay / river – I have this idea / vision of this shot. We managed to get it on a regular family portrait session.