My Compliments to Mr Finch (no not you Adam) Mr …

My Compliments to Mr Finch

(no not you Adam)

Mr Finch didn’t arrive for his flight meaning i had no one sitting next to me right up the back of the plane where there were only 2 seats next to each other. quite good but wish it was 3 seats so i could lay down to sleep.

Leaving tas was hard, V was there to see me off, i’m rally going to miss her, and i have cat hair on my keyboard i just noticed !

Melbourne was great, straight up to see my friend Jess fill her in on V, then off to see Mel in te city, talked a bit about V, then off to lunch with Justin Hamilton, i’ll let you think what we talked about. may have one tihng on my mind.

On plane i watched breakfast at tiffanys, never seen nit before, quite liked, party scene is fantastic, well done Blake Edwards! And i have also polished off most of the second series of The Office.

Also bought lots of wierd things like nose sprays, eye drops and some tables that are supposed to help with jet lag, we shall see.

ok, time to fly.