My Favourite Shot of 2011

So, 2011. That’s it. All over. Finished.

It’s been a fun year, if not a bit life changing. Having Saffron about has been lots of hard work, smelly and a heap of fun.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired or hit with so many trips to the doctor (we have a VIP card there now!).  Everything is looking clearer as the year ends, we have had some more sleep, even sleeping in to 7.30 on occasion!


The hardest but most rewarding aspect of 2011 has been doing a couple of Heartfelt sessions. It’s something that completely destroys me for a few days afterwards, my thought are always on the families. I have the knowledge that the service is priceless and it is something I can give that will be some of the most treasured photos I’ll ever take. If you aren’t aware of Heartfelt, please click the link at the bottom of the page.

2012 is looking pretty full on from Photobat’s view. We will still be taking some fantastic photography with some more shoot types in the works as well as everything we have been doing this year.
There are a heap of weddings that I’m looking forward to, some local and one not so local (look out Hawaii and Adelaide!). It’s been great getting to know the couples and helping them on their road to the big day.

New website will land in the first couple of months, we will have a bit of a launch party at the Top Shots 2011, which will be held sometime in February/March.

Special thanks to everyone for letting us into your lives either through letting us photograph you, by coming to one of our events or even just visiting us online at our blog and Facebook sites. Extra special thanks to all the families who have returned to us to update their photo stories, it truly Is the best part of the job watching families grow.

We love meeting you, hearing your stories, creating artworks and sharing our stories with you.

As for my favourite photo of the year. I thought about it for about a second and only one image came to mind. I just realised it didn’t even blog it and its never going to win awards. I peeked early with this shot being taken in the first week of 2011. This shot takes me back to a hot day, everyone exhausted and knowing  the little touch of a little hand makes everything alright.

Thanks again for being great, reading, looking, smiling, laughing with me this year. I can’t wait for next year (lucky it’s only a few hours away).


Ps. Photographers, I know you are out there. Post up a link in the comments to your favourite shot/blog post of the year. I’d love to see them.

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