Naked Kooshan + Mouse

Yesterday was vet visit day for the cats. Mouse needed a booster injection and Kooshan, well, he needed to have a shave. We try to groom Kooshan but he does not really like it and we don’t really like getting scratched so it’s off to the vet to be knocked out and let them get rid of the matts.

Mouse was fine… well after I managed to get him out from under the couch and also the bed. I have no idea how he knew he was going to the vet.

And the final results of Kooshan’s hair cut. Remember he is the evil one and I have no problems about publicly embarrassing him. Both the kittens got a clean bill of health and Kooshan especially enjoyed his car ride, he sits on Vikashni’s lap and looks out the window while Mouse has to stay in the cat carrier on the back seat.