Next week on the Batblog.. THE BEST



As most of you know, next Sunday is the annual best of slideshow being held at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery at Inveresk. This year there will be two screenings, both the same show, but two different times. 2pm and 3.30pm. Rsvp to letting us know which screening you would like to come along to. There will be wine, there will be cheese! Bring along some friends and family too, everyone is welcome.


So all next week on the Batblog I’m going to be giving some teasers shots of some that will appear in the presentation. Plus, I will be asking a question in both talks and if you know the answer you may just walk away with something very cool!


So RSVP, check the Batblog and come and win stuff! (a hint to what is on offer may be a dvd)