Nichola, Nathan and Matilda | Family Portrait Launceston Baby

Hmm. this blog post somehow got lost in the ether but has now found it’s way to the world and i’m really glad  it has. We had such a great time with Matilda and her grown ups. How lucky are they to have an amazing park across the road from their home? Matilda was a little on the shy side to start with but once I did a portrait of her pull-a-long duck, things went swimmingly. I kind of want to go back and shoot some more in Autumn, but then again I love photographing rugged up kids so bring some on winter!

We have a fantastic new product too which is out Image Box, this is a great way to get a series of your favourite images in a custom made box. The 8×12 inch prints come matted and can be used outside of the box on a book stand, frame or just leave them in the box. I love these and it seems that everyone who comes through the gallery is falling in love with them too.