Nick and Mel It’s always fun shooting friends …

Nick and Mel

It’s always fun shooting friends weddings… well that’s what I say! I’ve known Nick and Mel for years and they gave me the opportunity to capture their big day! All set down in Hobart at Corinda Gardens in the Glebe and the Lindisfarne Yacht Club. The morning was spent eating some breakfast with the guys at the FoodStore followed by some shots down in Sandy Bay. Nick has a very close to his family, and this came out in the shots especially the ones just with his day and the kombi.

I arrived to the girls, with Mel being late and the girls all wanting to get inside. Luckily the Corinda people came and let us in. Mel arrived and the hair and make up began! I rushed off to Nick’s parents place where the guys got ready and a little musical.

Back to the girls at Corinda and I had a great time sneaking about shooting the proceedings with all the girls and Mel’s dad. I think the shot I got here are some of my best getting ready shots I have taken!

We managed to find a great spot for photos outside the Museum and received lots of tooting of car horns as the guy and girls played up for the camera.

Nick and Mel are now driving about in New Zealand… grr.