Odd and Even Market

The Peacock Theater was alive with the sound of crafty people on Saturday It was the first Odd and Even market with a wide variety of stalls from lot of fantastic arts, crafts, foody, booky people.

Vikashni did very well selling most of her softies, including the snowpeople and bunnies.

Suz from Cocoon had a great bird stall selling ear rings.


Once a bunny was in a hand, it was sold!

There was a whole board full of snow people, bunnies and squirrels. Most of them went!

I’m also a fan of Cat Rabbits work, she also had a popular stall.

My friend Benny was also there flogging his latest book,a collaboration with cartoonist Leigh Rigozzi, check out an interview with them here. The book is available at Fullers in Launceston and Hobart.

I’ll keep you updated where Vikashni is going to be selling her stuff, i really think it’s great and that isn’t a biased opinion of her fiancee. You can buy things right now from her Etsy store