OK… The update Where was I, Ah Yes…. EDINBURG…

OK… The update

Where was I, Ah Yes….



All went well, you know a good wedding by the amount of stories you can tell about it. There are quite a few, I whizzed all about Edinburgh in a black cab, ran up a castle, met a castle nazi (No, you aren t allowed to take photos there, But we were told we could, No, you aren t allowed to take photos there, I think you should move on now).

It was a great group of people, half from Tasmania, and half from Canada. All nice. Had a great bit of Haggis. Chatted to a bag pipe player. Took photos of cute kid and got some good photos. You can look at the photos online… if you have the password!

What happened after that, the next day I went back to the cool café, worked on the wedding photos. Showed the couple the wedding photos online and then just hung about and worked on the photos again.

Next day, now where was I then…


I had to catch a train to Glasgow to catch my flight back to London. 3 hours I had in Glasgow, had some lunch looked at a museum or architecture and design. An excellent exhibition of metal tubing furniture. I ll let you decide if I m being if I m being sarcastic. I did find a nice watch in the gift shop, it s now on my wrist. I was looking for something a bit different for V, but to no avail… maybe…

My first Ryanair flight was ok, got back into London. So hot.

I finished the book on Donovan, so now I can crack onto Wuthering Heights.


I woke up, spent a little time talking to V online. It s been great staying with Howard, the wireless internet is great, I do find I spend a lot of time talking to V, which I quite like.

I had a shoot, well, 2 shoots that happened at the same time, Mackenzie Crook and Iain Lee (look em up on IMDB if you want), little stiff to start with but warmed up nicely, got some good shots. From there I ended up wandering through Spitlefields market and ended up at Brick Lane, and back at Nog Gallery, where I spent an hour and a half last year. I walked in and Maxim remembered me, I was there for an hour this time. Bought myself a little book of photos by Sofia Coppola, (oh, V, that s in the package you are going to get soon, keep it safe for me! x ) and then took Maxim s photo for my port of the week, go on, have a look! I also introduced a few people to the work of Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra, he played it loud in that shop and I gave out the website address to interested people. Also put in a good word for my cartoonist friend Leigh, hopefully he will get some stuff in the shop to sell, it would walk out the door.

Then back to the market, bought a nice little thing for V (hence the package!).

And then did my washing. Yeah, bit fun!

I think that brings up to Yesterday, which was a bit of Australia Day, Danny McGinlay, Sarah Benetto (Ice Tea in Soho Square, how chipper!) and Mickey D, with additional performances by Freddie and James D. See the photo… that s us all having a bit of a cheers for Janet back home for her bday! That’s ont of the great things about the comedy industry, I met Fred when i slept on her floor in Adeliade about 5 years ago, bump into her occasionally about the place in unexpected places about the globe!

And now today!


I spent a bit of time trying to figure out how I m getting from Italy into Croatia, it was really hard, no bus times were online and things that looked ok were not. It was a bit of a logistical nightmare, trying to find where I can pick up a rental car, could I drop it at the airport, where can I get a ferry to meet the rental car, where did that ferry start, then where was I going to stay that night and how I was going to get to that place. So. Venice! Yep, I have a day in Venice, and the weather will be overcast! Splurged a little on a nice hotel, why? Cause I ll be in Venice! So it s all good now.

I talked to V a bit today, sms, phone calls, emails, online. Was really good day for that.

I also finished off the wedding from the weekend, backed it up, and finished proofing a heap of other stuff for other clients.

Then… I saw West Wing was on, so I watched, 2 episodes back to back! How cool! And then… it WAS THE LAST 2 EPPOSIDES EVER!!! So I watched, and now have to see what happened before that. It was a good ending.

Ok, time to upload and sleepppp.

That was a longen.

Ohhhh Mickey!