OK, time for a big update. Venice I flew out …

OK, time for a big update.


I flew out of London at a respectable time, into Trieste in the north of Italy. Then I had to try get into the city to catch a train to Venice… no busses for 2 hours, good on you ryanair, arriveing at a place where there is no transport from airport, so I got a taxi with a 3 others, a 60 euro cab ride. It was quite good, a local in the cab who spoke English and gave the low down on everything. Got into the city, found the train, got on, 2 hours later I m in Venice, looking for my hotel. Quite a nice place, little room.

Then it was time to explore, it s great, it was hot about 33 degrees and people everywhere. I managed to not get too lost, had some pizza, gelato, and saved the coffee for the next morning. It s an amazing place, you don t really care if you get lost. I sat in the one spot and in 15 minutes, I had an American who is living in Germany and was studying in Venice for a few weeks, he also shoots with a Fuji S3, also in that time there was a cool photo moment in the window above us and also a computer monitor floated on by.

Lots of cats and dogs everywhere too, and I kept hearing Vanessa Carlton being played everywhere by bands that were just set up on the side of the streets. I ended up finding St Marco Piazza and then caught a boat back to the hotel. Dumped all my stuff and went out for some pasta, and listened to a band play Vanessa Carlton again.

I got up very early the next morning and walked the streets back to St Marco Piazza at sunrise, with very few other people there. I went a bit mad taking a few photos, the details are great, the doors that are open during the day had some great little patterns and figures on them. Straight back to Hotel for check out and breakfast… I say straight… but I did stop for my first coffee… espresso, and it was stupidly good. Back neat the hotel I had another, it was only 9am, I d been out for 3 hours taking photos so far. It got really hot the rest of the day and I just walked and found the ferry and got on.

If you are catching a ferry to Croatia, what would you expect the movie to be played? Come on, there is a comments section below… fill it in with what you think!