Old friends Had a great wedding on the weekend, …

Old friends

Had a great wedding on the weekend, it’s always good getting to meet old friends again, and even better when you do their wedding photos. It wasn’t that I just knew the bride, I knew her whole extended family! And it’s a big all loving family from a rural area out in the bush. So that Marque was set up in the back yard of the family property, a few ladies from the town put on a great spread of food including meat platters, vol-a-vons, mixed sandwiches, curried eggs and much much more! I loved it, so simple and fit in perfectly, this was the kind of wedding where a 3 course sit down meal would have seemed out of place.

I think I got some of my best Party shots at this wedding, as the part was great, lots of dancing, lots of drink to keep everyone dancing and the select it yourself jukebox! If you want to see some images, check out www.photobat.net and go to the client section and view Nicholle and Brett’s teaser photos.

And I have another old friends wedding next weekend, so i’m looking forward to that one too!