Olivia and Daniel, some different pregnancy

These guys are fun, and are about to become parents. I first met these guys at Brad and elisha’s wedding, and Brad got ready at their house. that is where I noticed some of the photography equipment hanging about and realised these guys are a bit into photography. Flash forwards and the pregnancy is nearly finished so we got together and took some shots.

Yes, we were playing around a little with the studio lights, especially the octobox. The stretchy fabric was really cool backlit.

The last spot we shot at was in the backyard, there was a fantastic red wall and nice light.

Thanks again Olivia and Paul for being awesome and planyin, I can’t wait to meet your little one very soon.

PS, This isn’t the end of the photos from this session. There is one more that will get it’s very own post as it is so different and cool that it really deserves to stand out!