OS Panic OK, what do I need to do before I go Go…

OS Panic

OK, what do I need to do before I go

Got some UK money

Charge my batteries I ll do that there

Phone charger? Not leaving that in Aus again, 16 pounds for a new one over there last time

Camera? Yep, I’ll need that.

Healthy amount of work to complete before I leave, FAILED I have a completely unhealthy amount to get done.

Will I get it all done? Not sure.

And what of the pretty girl I ve been seeing a lot of lately? I guess a lot of emails and text messages will have to take place.

So I m away tomorrow morning early, and as usual, I have arranged breakfast with a friend in Melbourne to fill in my 4 hour stop over there before the big jump to jolly old stinking hot London. All I want is some typical London clouds? Am I asking too much?

Keep checking back… the Batblog is back in action

I need to get a towel, I m going some backpacking, gotta know where my towel is